The Truth About Baby Carrots


Baby carrots that you buy already peeled and in small bags ready to use, are not actually real baby carrots. They are made from regular size carrots, cut, peeled, shaped, polished smooth and washed on chlorine water approved by FDA and USDA. Many farmers use chlorine solution on all carrots – organic or not – to prevent food poisoning and they say is a needed step in the process so they limit the risk of food-borne illnesses such as E.Coli.
Nutritionist tells consumers, if they are worries about the chlorine, then just buy whole, unprocessed carrots.

Have you noticed that after you keep them in your fridge for a while, they have a white film form on them? Some say that’s the chlorine coming to the surface. Some, says not to worry about it, it’s safe. But who knows? Big companies are only concerned about the shelf life and the amount of sales they make. You think anybody will say: no, it’s not safe but please, buy it!
So next time when you buy carrots, even if it’s easier, for snacks, parties, for kids or even for you, don’t buy the baby cuts!

Grimmway Farms