This is The Cheapest Therapy Ever


This will cost you less then $5.00 and is less then any therapy session in the world.
One of the earliest scientists to have studied the therapeutic benefits of coloring pages for adults was Carl Jung. He studied coloring of Mandalas as early as the first half of the 20th century.
Adult coloring alone may not constitute art therapy, that doesn’t mean the activity isn’t helpful.
Considering the inability to focus is often a symptom of anxiety or stress, it only makes sense that adult coloring books would also help with those as well. Other people found out that helps them when they have headaches. Also ignites creativity, helping when it comes to redecorate your house, or buying cloths, even in your job.

Dr. Stan Rodski – neuro-psychologist, says that “coloring elicits a relaxing mindset, similar to what you would achieve through meditation. Like mediation, coloring allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus on the moment. Tasks with predictable results, such as coloring or knitting, can often be calming”.
Dr. Joel Pearson, a brain scientist at the University of New South Wales in Australia presented a different explanation for the therapeutic effect: Concentrating on coloring an image may facilitate the replacement of negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones.
If you put papers and colors in front of a child, he will start drawing and be totally absorbed by the activity. As an adult, you almost go back to be a kid again, it takes you back on memory lane and nothing will distract you, no noise, no phone. You feel more energetic, optimistic, selfconfident, ready to take the world with no fear…like a child.

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