22 Glue Gun Life Hacks


If you search the internet for glue gun life hacks, you will be amazed on how many great ideas are out there. My glue gun is my best friend, that’s why I have a few of them. Who knows when you have a bigger project and friends are coming over to help.
1. Decorate plain vases with a texture effect and you can leave them like that, clear, or you can spray color on them. Same with mason jars or glass bottles.
2. Make your own brush cleaning board by using a clipboard and a glue gun to make a little design with dots and lines for different type of brushes.
3. Make winter decorations with nail polish and hot glue.
4. Make your own custom stamp adding a doodle on a rolling pin.

5. a quick upholstery job can be done with a glue gun.
6. Old candle holder? change the look with a little color and hot glue, or glue some flowers, sparkles, wood sticks, anything you like.
7. Colorful dots for your scrapbook.
8. You can make so many different coasters, gluing little stones, fabric, wood sticks.
9. Make your own basket out of a cardboard box. You can use twine any other rope to wrap it and from there you can creative to match it with the place you are going to use it. I made one for the bathroom to hold the hand towels.
10. Disco ball? some old CDs, a foam ball and some hot glue…

11. You need a little plastic container ? make a plastic bottle zipper container. Cut the bottom of 2 plastic bottles, glue the side of the zipper on each of them and…zip it!
12. You need a wreath for every season? nothing easier and cheaper then 4 foam wreath and old decorations that are sitting in old boxes. Just glue them and make a new seasonal decoration.
Here are 10 more hacks:

Source: 10 Amazing Hot Glue Life Hacks You Should Try by HouseholdHacker on Rumble