Archons, Reptilians, and Greys


In my usual habit of attempting the impossible, I will try and explain Archons, Greys, and Reptilians…. In such a fashion it might just make sense of what they are, and their purposes here…

From Greek archai, “origins, beginning things, prior in time.”

In the classical Mediterranean world, archon was commonly used for the governor of a province, or, more loosely, any religious or governmental authority. Hence the plural, Archons, is often translated in Gnostic texts as “the Authorities.” Funny considering “they” have no real authority here on Gaia or in our minds… I will be using “THEY” in reference to these three entities of dark matter from here on out… As all three are basically the same cosmic dark forces impeding the advancement into 5D Giai.

The Archons, Greys, Reptilians are a genuine species with their own proper habitat, and may even be considered to be god-like, but they lack intentionality (Free Will), and they have a nasty tendency to stray from their boundaries and intrude on the human realm. “They” are said to feel intense envy toward humanity because we possess the intentionality they lack…

“They” are an alien force that intrudes subliminally upon the hueman mind and deviates our intelligence away from its proper and sane applications.

They are not what makes us act inhumanely, for we all have the potential to go against our innate humanity, violating the truth in our hearts, but they make us play out inhumane behavior to weird and violent extremes. Left to our own devices, we would sometimes act inhumanely and then correct it. Obviously, we do not always do so. In the exaggeration of our insane and inhumane tendencies, and in extreme, uncorrected deviance from our innate intelligence, Gnostics saw the signature of an alien species that piggy-backs on the worst of human failings. Fear based feelings and ideologies… Hence, “They” are psycho-spiritual parasites.

“They” exist as an alien species independent of humankind, and “They” exist as a presence in our minds. The risk “they” pose by invading our minds is far greater than any physical risk they might pose by erratically breaching the biosphere. “They” can at moments penetrate the terrestrial atmosphere and terrorize humans, although there is no reason or order to these acts, for the aliens cannot remain for very long in the biosphere and, anyway, they have no master plan to accomplish here. Working through telepathy and suggestion, “They” attempt to deviate us from our proper course of evolution. “Their” most successful technique is to use religious ideology to insinuate their way of thinking and, in effect, substitute their mind-set for ours. “They” act through authoritarian systems, including belief-systems, in ways that cause human beings to turn against their innate potential and violate the symbiosis of nature.

LIVE spelled backwards is EVIL, but “They” are not evil in the sense that they possess powers of destruction, able to be applied directly upon humanity. We have FREE WILL…. “They” are agents of error rather than evil — but human error, when it goes uncorrected and runs beyond the scale of correction, turns into evil and works against the universal plan of life. Gnostics taught that “They” exploit our tendency to let our mistakes go uncorrected. This is why Gnostics stress that by changing you and your mindset you can change the world…. If “They” cannot affect our psyche “They” can not affect us…

All institutions, laws, religions, churches and powers are nothing but a sham and a trap, the perpetuation of an age-old deception. This may seem like a dark view of human affairs, but given the evidence of history (not to mention current events), it cannot be said to be unfair or exaggerated. Religion is the number one way “They” carry out their energy manipulation… Through fear mongering dogma, hate, and divide… The possibility that human fear is a kind of nourishment for certain invasive extraterrestrials has been widely argued in the ET/UFO debate. “They” wish to keep humankind under, “the constraint of fear and worry.”

In another striking detail, the reptilian type seems to be holding a sphere in its jaws, recalling the mythical image of a serpent who offers forbidden fruit: for instance, the Serpent in the Garden of Hyperborea with the golden apple in its mouth. Gnostics had their own version of what transpired in the Garden of Eden, events in which the Archons were deeply involved, and so it is perhaps not surprizing to see hints of the Paradise scenario at this primal stage of cosmic activity. Paradise being heaven on earth before the presence of “Them”…. We can and are achieving a more 5d Giai by learning of these dark entities and realizing “They” have no real power over us…

Using terms like Yaldabaoth with Yahweh or Jehovah, the tribal god of the Hebrews, you are in fact invoking and worshiping a reptilian Archon. This deity is not only blind, but witless and insane. Often depicted as having a lions face on a snake body. This darkness is one of the key players in the divine deception of humanity. Once the soul realizes that they have been in fact giving power to this darkness they can choose to transmute this dark into light… Due to the manner of their generation, Archons have no free will, no innate intentionality. Theirs is an Alien Dreaming, set apart from the biosphere, the intelligent life-field of Gaia. Needless to say, when Gnostics expressed their views on the identity of Jehovah to devout Jews and to Christians who also revered the Jewish Father God, they were not well received. I do not care about the opinions of brainwashed religious devotees… For they do not fully understand the ramifications of their deity worship and its not my place to convince them….

Some would say that The lion-headed serpent of the Gnostics called by magical names such as Ophis, Knuphis, and Abrasax is the same deity from Judeo-Christian idol worship, but it is NOT! More like the abrahamic religions were based off of Asian mysticism but they got it severely wrong! In the occult anatomy of Asian mysticism and Yoga, this reptile is known as Kundalini, the serpent power. Gnostics who practiced Kundalini yoga were called Ophites, from the Greek ophis, “snake.” This cult was condemned by early Christians as pagan “snake-worshippers.” To the mundane and uninitiated mind, the Kundalini serpent can only be conceived by crude literalization. To Gnostics, the lion-headed serpent crowned with solar rays was not only the image of the Lord Archon, but also of the source of spiritual power that allows human beings to resist that very entity.

The image of Kundalini, the “serpent power,” appears in world art from the Indus Valley circa 2300 BCE and continues right across the spectrum of ancient cultures, well down into the Common Era. As late as the 16th century, golden thalers in Germany showed the Crucifixion on one face and a serpent draped over the cross on the other. At that date, Christ would have been identified with Kundalini – without an inkling of why, but to Gnostics the snake on the cross was a cancellation of the saving power attributed to crucifixion (i.e., the glorification of suffering as a redemptive force).

Arousal of Kundalini produces ecstacy, triggers superconsciousness, opens the occult faculties, and releases waves of healing energy that flush physiological and hormonal secretions through the body. Far from a dark force or entity to trap and cause harm or Negitive vibrations to the hueman soul…

As the mythical serpent guarding the Tree of Knowledge in Genesis, Kundalini was “the messenger of salvation” for Gnostics. Gnostics regarded the serpent as a spiritual ally to primal humanity, the first to attempt to release mankind from bondage to an unknowing god who had identified himself with the Absolute and thus blocked the way to the tree of eternal life. The “unknowing god” who falsely identified himself with the Absolute is of course Yaldabaoth, alias Jehovah or Yahweh.

Through accessing the power of Kundalini, an ecstatic current that normally rests dormant in the human body. Pneumatics is the Gnostic terms for humans who pursue the path ofl illumination, the key method of Gnostic religion. Pneuma, “spiritual force,” is developed by cultvation of “higher intelligence.” But the Archons present a blind field of resistance to this process: in short, they rely on humans remaining ignorant of their inherent spiritual potential.

When Kundalini is raised from its dormant state, higher intelligence blossoms, and there are other effects as well. Gnostic sects such as the Ophites practiced the communal raising of Kundalini to produce a protective envelope against Archontic intrusion. In effect, they held Kundalini, the sexual-spiritual energy locked in the body structure, to be the main instrument of defense against the Archons. We have power over the Archons, but we also make the mistake that some human failings impede the use of our power.

The Greek word phthonos may be translated as “jealousy” or “envy.” Gnostics considered envy to be the signature of the Archons, as well as the key human failing that makes us vulnerable to their intrusion.

“The protection of the Light” comes through activated Kundalini, often described as a lightning-like tide of electrified light that pours through the body. “Nymphion” is a code word for the ambient cell of psychophysical protection generated by high levels of Kundalini.

Did Egyptian priests who directed the breeding of the dynastic families have intimate knowledge of Kundalini, as well as the Archons? The Kundalini serpent is displayed in Egyptian sacred art by a standing cobra, or a pair of cobras, sometimes wound on a staff, and by the uraeus, the cobra headress of divine empowerment. The ceremonial braid on the side of Horus’ head was yet another indication of the serpent power. The pharaonic braid, traditionally worn on the right side of the head, visually repeats the form of the spermatic cobras of Edfu. The sacred iconography carries explicit, but highly occult knowledge: Horus is the child who’s right-brain cerebral functions are heightened by the serpent power. The “esoteric” imagery of the serpent power operates at several levels at once.

We shall see that the complex biological symbolism of Gnostic myth has much to teach us about the nature of the Archons, as well as how we can resist them. I truly hope this long but well worth the read passage helps you on your journey to transcending from 3D Giai to 5D Giai… I have put a lot of work and thought process into making this as easily readable and understandable as I can, and I ask that you share this post so anyone this information might resonate with is reached by these words…

I love you all <3
-The Universe & -KC Cain