The Hacker Who Exposed Hillary Clinton Got a 52 Months Sentence


Guccifer – the Romanian hacker that exposed Hillary Clinton’s emails, was sentenced to 4 years jail in Virginia more to set an example for other people like him. He pleaded guilty in May, to charges regarding hacking a few political figures and celebrities too, like Dorothy Bush Koch, Colin Powel.
Guccifer’s real name is Marcel Lehel Lazar and in his interview with FBI, he said “since June the CIA knew where I lived, a fact I found out from the press, when the CIA chief paid visits to Romania and Russia, where he obtained my IP addresses.”

Two days ago, Fox News was announcing that Romania wants him back to finish another sentence that he has there too, for the same hacking activities .
The FBI said it was impossible and he lied, but then again, why would you plead guilty? and if he did it before, did they just let him do it again now, in the middle of all political debates?
How convenient…

NBC News