Kids That are Self Made Millionaires


A lot of kids this days, like to play video games, but now, they want to make them. If you can teach your child to play football, tennis, an instrument, or to dance, sing,how can you teach them to make an app? What if your child has a genius idea to make an app and he comes to you and says he needs your credit card so he can put his App on a online store? what do you do?
Here are a few brilliant kids that are self made millionaires:

Ashley Qualls – at 14 began teaching herself HTML and she launched her website and years later she joined Google Adsense and she got around 7 million unique visitors per month. At 17 she bought her own house and now she helps students to optimize for college as well for employment.

Fraser Doherty – using his grandmother’s recipes to make homemade jam and later he tweaked the recipe to make jam from 100% pure fruit, called SuperJam. By 2009 he had $1.2 million in sale.

Cameron Johnson – he was making money since he was 5 years old. selling door to door and by age 15 was making $400k from other ideas and now he owns and runs an online community giving resources to young entrepreneurs.

Robert Nay – made the game that dethroned Angry Birds, just by reading books about coding. He created Bubble Ball, published on Apples App store and making around $2 million in over one two week period.

Dominic McVey – at age 13 was importing micro-scooters from US to UK and 2 years later he sold 11 millions units.