In a Leaked Video, Angelina Jolie Describes The Illuminati Ritual


Angelina Jolie was telling her friends about the Illuminati initiation rituals and people are saying that was actually Brad who leaked the video, being sick about all this. In the same time, he sold his soul to the devil years ago but he didn’t become part of the Illuminati.
“I grew up in a very Christian environment, a healthy environment, a loving family. But there were just parameters and things I didn’t understand. I always questioned it and it took me to my adult years or leaving home where I could really try on something different for myself. That was Satanism. It’s working out really well. I made a pact. That’s why the movie came out so well.” Pitt “joked” on a interview in 2011.

She describes how celebrities go through different ritual, to join the Order if the Illuminati. She explained how she had to kill a snake and get a tattoo as part of the initiation sacrificing blood to Satan.
Her friend was saying “I only saw that film that she [Angelina] bought over that night. People who are, like, darker… It’s great to be able to see everybody’s sexuality, but it’s so weird when you just… I have the most amazing compromising pictures of people.“

James Porter