Mexico’s Deadliest Killer Gangster is Extending to U.S.


The Cartel of Los Zetas – a Mexican criminal syndicate (the Zs) controls the border separating Texas and Mexico, while its rivals the biggest drug organization in Mexico ‘the Sinaloa Cartel’ controls the drug trade bordering Arizona and California but it’s been overtaking by the Los Zetas. It’s considered by the US Government “the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, vicious, ruthlessly violent and dangerous cartel operating in Mexico”
They are tacking over and they kill everybody who stays in their way, even if it’s one person or an entire family.

It’s a gang like you never seen before, they are trained mercenaries, they are killing machines with no soul. The have more power then Al-Qaeda and they are operating inside of the U.S.This gang is pure terror.
Tons of narcotics crosses the border monthly. The guns, the drugs, the money, they have, gives them unbelievable power. They have contacts both sides and if they get an order, they execute. They have no end to their resources, what ever they want, they can buy or take.

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