Putin Talks About Who Created ISIS


“A threat that President Obama mentioned was ISIS. Well…who on Earth armed them? Who created the necessary political/ informational climate that facilitated this situation? Do you really not understand as to who is fighting in Syria?”
Americans rarely listen to Putin’s speeches and this video was actually banned in US television.Obama gives good speeches too – after all – words are just words, but in Western media, people are listening to him, and it’s funny how the stories about both sides, are so different in media. If you take words vs. actions of both leaders, it’s sad to say but there is a clear difference.

At the Valdai International Discussion Club, Putin is answering questions from a US journalist about ISIS.
Some people say that Obama is controlled by Illuminati and no one controls Putin. That’s why some citizens will hope for Trump to win and if not, then also hope Russia will take American refugees whom refuse to further submit to such a corrupt system.

Inessa S