Seaweed Benefits


Seaweed is the ocean’s superfood and is more like a vegetable that has more minerals then you can imagine. Best-known benefit is Iodine – nutrient that is missing in other foods. Consuming healthy levels of iodine is critically important to maintaining a healthy thyroid, helps produce and regulate hormones, like estrogen and estradiol levels, responsible for proper development and function of sexual organs — potentially reducing the risk of breast cancer.
Calcium – around 6% of your daily requirements.
Iron – a cup of wakame seaweed has 8 milligrams of iron compare to a spoon of spirulina that has only 2 milligrams.

Vitamin K – a cup of kelp seaweed contains 22% of daily vitamin requirements.
Seaweed helps with detox and cellulite. It’s also a tonic, used in soups and drinks. Helps with swelling or gastric problems even as a hangover cure.
Seaweed has a lot of benefits for skin, hair, weight lose, fertility and pregnancy providing a healthy and safe source for omega-3 fatty acids.