The Speech That Killed JFK


What would have happened to America if JFK had had lived? Or better yet, what would have happened to all Secret Societies that rule the world today?

“If JFK had lived, so too, would have 58,000 Americans and untold millions of Vietnamese. If JFK had lived, we would not have spent two trillion dollars on nuclear arms. The money could have been spent, as JFK suggested, on education.
Alaska would be the new Middle East and the petrodollar, which threatens to plunge us into a world war over Syria and Iran, would no longer be a problem. The world would be coming to the US for its energy needs and our economy would be booming.

When JFK called for peace with the Soviet Union, he signed his own death warrant and David Rockefeller and his bankster cronies reaped unprecedented amounts of profits as they were richly rewarded for their murderous ways. The JFK assassination was the pivotal event in the post-World War II era. It is the event where modern America lost her soul and any remaining semblance of her moral compass.” Thecommonsenseshow
He signed to expose and shut down The Federal Reserve Bank. It was only one way to stop that to happen.
Who was The Secret Society? Illuminati, The New World Order, Agenda 21?

Down With The New World Order