She Survived PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Rape Through YOGA


This is a story about how Yoga saved a life. She was suffering from PTSD, anxiety and major depression and she found peace in yoga. When Heidi Williams almost lost her 6-month-old she lost herself too and she didn’t thought she will ever get back until she found yoga.
“I watched in terror as he slowly took his last breath, turned grey, and fell limp in my husband’s arms. Something happens to you when you accept the horrifying truth that someone you love more than life itself, is gone. And I felt it. It was the feeling of that heart I had grown specifically for him, dying. By miraculous divine intervention and CPR, he was brought back to life. But my heart wasn’t brought back. That traumatic event changed me forever and it was the beginning of severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder episodes, massive depression, suicide attempts, and constant anxiety.” she said.

Her story inspires other people like her, and her Instagram pictures are just amazing. In an Interview for Mantra Magazine she is talking about her struggles and how she was able to heal from the mental illnesses. She is training to become a yoga teacher and she will create therapeutic yoga retreats for depression, anxiety and PTSD.
When she was asked what was the best lesson she ever learned, her answer was so peaceful and full of inspiration.

“There is an inherent goodness inside every single human being. Buddhists call it bodhichitta. Christians call it the light of Christ. Atheists call it their conscience. It doesn’t matter what you call it. Everybody has it. It’s that melting feeling you get when your ego gives way and your heart softens. It’s that second you drop your judgement and you see the pure beauty of someone else’s soul. It’s what makes your eyes sting when you read about terrorist attacks happening. It’s what makes you want to spread your arms wide enough to fit the entire human race. And just hold them. Because you can feel. There are no bad people. Only bad choices. We all have this beautiful life energy inside us. You can cover it, dam it up, build walls around it to seal it in as best you can. But it will always be there. Love will always be there.” MantraMag