Transmutation of the 3D Physical Forms


Transmutation of the 3D physical forms;

This amplifies all of the energetic polarities on the globe,(the vertices and ley lines). So for some souls this shift amplifies the inner darkness, while for many other souls, it greatly amplifies the inner light and spiritual support. This ultimately changes the atmospheric layer of the planet’s magnetic field, as well as the magnetic tone resonance that emanates from the inner core of our planet. This will change the magnetic resonances that are related to the collective consciousness thoughtforms and archetypes that are held in the global brain. This also means the core foundation of the principles of matter, and how we perceive matter, are also being altered and changed now, which can radically shift our experiences and memories in matter, altering memories as they were recorded in time and space. Things that we have known or have remembered as our memories from the past, may start to alter themselves and feel differently, as if they were another emotional experience entirely (Mandala Effect).

As we shift into the new timelines, we also shift the focus of our consciousness, which directly impacts our identity evolution throughout all of the different timelines. This may shift the alignment or embodiment process we undergo with our higher spiritual identity. It is possible for Giai inhabitants to reconnect with the stage of consciousness development that is connected to one of their spiritual identities in future time. At each stage of consciousness evolution, depending on the pieces that have been reconnected, they may identify with their soul identity, monadic identity, or avatar Christ identity, which allows the eternal self to fully govern the body on the earth with divine will. When we intend to evolve into the infinite and eternal self as our true identity, we become harmonized and aligned with the ascending “God Sovereign Free” the ” I Am” timelines of the Cosmic Sovereign Law.

Much love to you ascending 3D Creatures! <3
~Love and light~