UFO Destroyed a Rocket on Launch Pad?


Conspiracy theories are believing that and UFO was the cause of the Israeli rocket explosion, launched on Thursday at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Just a few seconds before the blast, viewers noticed a flying object that could been a drone, an explosive device or…and UFO. An electromagnetic radiation, a high frequency vibration, causing the ignition and explosion?
“It appears that SpaceX may have been shot by a very fast moving drone, or possibly an explosive in the satellite was triggered?” said Steve Svensson who posted a footage on Youtube.
Did someone wanted that rocket to be destroyed before will be placed on the orbit? Was that some kind of weapon, or another that might be like the those that have been used to cause several mysterious explosions in Iran?

[Editor’s note: The event depicted in the photographs below is not our conspiracy theory. The UFO destruction theory of the “facebook” satellite, now that’s a conspiracy theory if I ever heard one, comes from NASA. From their notes:

B. Airborne Laser weapons test on third stage booster?
C. Small nuclear explosion caused by lithium ion batteries shorting out. Or other nuclear source in the third stage guidance unit.
D. Not a kerosene or hydrogen fuel fire as initial cause.
The satellite and its geosynchronous booster were intact until it is seen collapsing and producing a secondary explosion. Everything else is a kerosene fuel fire.
Either we have 3 UFO’s in the photos or they are aircraft landing lights???(referring to last set at the bottom)
This is what they believe and, being who we are, they couldn’t simply let it go without pulling the tail as it were. We agreed, as we are inclined to do, to aid them in this task. g]


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