Watch What Happens When a Baby is Born Inside His Amniotic Sac


The “en-caul” birth (not to be confused with the “caul” birth), occurs when the infant is born inside the entire amniotic sac. The sac balloons out at birth, with the amniotic fluid and child remaining inside the unbroken or partially broken membrane. It’s amazing to see this on a video.
“The footage is truly something to behold, giving us a glimpse of one of the most rare and awe-inspiring types of child deliveries.” Medical Daily
A child “born with the caul” has a portion of a birth membrane remaining on the head and in this situation are a few more types but most common one is over the head and face.

Depending on the practice of the Hospital, the parent may or may not know if the child was born with a caul. Normally they say, child born like that, has supernatural abilities, destined for greatness and many gifts like clairvoyance.
This type of deliveries are common in premature babies and very rare in C-section births but this Greek Dr. Aris Tsigris was lucky enough to recorde the moment he delivered a baby. It may seem distressing for a baby to be born surrounded by a watery bubble, but Dr. Tsigris assures that the newborn is at no risk of drowning inside the bare amniotic sac, since the baby is still fed nutrients and oxygen through the umbilical cord of the placenta.
WARNING contains graphic footage!

Amanda Cooper