1 Million Children Doing Global Meditation


Every year in Thailand, thousands of Buddhist schools get together to meditate and bring peace to the world. V-Star Change The World project developed in 2008 with the purpose of helping to resolve the troubles and challenges of people around the world.
Since the children are our future, the schools thought it will be a good example and also, their souls are pure and good so no bad thoughts will influence them.
“I don’t believe religion is an obstacle in performing good deeds, and the activities found in the V-Star Project can be completed by anyone. We just need to set aside the religious aspect and focus only on morality and ethics.

Each morning before class at our school, students would undertake the Five Precepts and practice loving kindness meditation because we believe that these practices are the foundation to peace in the world. Parents are also very pleased by the positive transformations in their children after participating in the V-Star Project. They see their children chanting and being able to clearly comprehend and convey what it means to be virtuous. Parents are delighted and proud each time they place their signatures on their child’s diary logging their good deeds. I am confident that this project will soon be integrated into every school in Thailand.” said Master Mr. Anuwat Pingyoth, vice director of student affairs and coordinator for the V-Star Project at Sarnsatvitedromklao School in Bangkok.