Angelina Jolie: “It’s our Obligation as Americans to Create a Nation That Welcomes Those Escaping from Suffering”


“It is our obligation as Americans to create a nation that welcomes those escaping from suffering. Fleeing their homes not by choice but because it is necessary for their survival. A great America is a compassionate America.” Jolie said on Monday for World Refugee Day 2016 with Secretary of State John Kerry, in Washington.
“I ask people to understand that with 65 million people displaced by conflict, we are facing a world of wars we cannot ignore or turn our backs on. To do that would be naive, irresponsible, and dangerous.

We face a very clear choice: to continue as we are and see displacement and insecurity grow, or to come together with other nations and find a new approach, one that does not focus solely on aid and resettlement but on solution, stability, and returns.” Angelina added.
Speaking at an Islamic event hosted by the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), Jolie described Islam as a “beautiful religion” without actually saying “Islam”

Robert Kraychik