Computers Will Grow Our Food in the Future


While we are trying to populate other planet and create a normal, natural life there, on our planet, we put more and more computers to replace us.
We all know that our food today is not what it used to be, unless you have your own farm and it’s getting less and less possible. Those movies where humans will take a pill instead of eating, looks like reality soon.
A research scientist at MIT’s Media Lab, Caleb Harper says that digital farming is the future of food. He invented a box that grows the perfect produce and it is called the Food Computer that has a “brain” for each plant and will tell farmers when to add water, light, or when to harvest. It’s a controlled-environment agriculture technology platform.

When Caleb was asked about vertical farms, this is what he explained: “I think there are going to be a few versions. One is going to be a high-intensity production environment, much like a plant data center. It will all be monitored; the food will not need pesticides or chemicals, and it’ll be predictable 365 days a year. We also envision things like corporate cafeterias doing more of their own growing or school cafeterias growing their own food. At the smallest level is a new project I just launched around personal food computing, which is about growing food in our homes.
One of the most exciting things is that the new technology will give us tools for experimenting with flavor we have never had before. When you create climate, you create flavor. A lettuce can be sweet or spicy or bitter. I’ve had a ton of interest from top chefs around the world. For them, the realization that flavor begins at seed and that you can change and create it is exciting.” National Geographic

National Geographic