Flawless Beyoncé-Inspired Wedding Dance


We all love to watch the wedding dance, sometimes funny, sometimes so emotional that will make you cry and sometimes it will leave you speechless…like this one. Melissa Molinaro is a Canadian-American pop singer, actress, choreographer, and model, known now as the bride who did a Flawless Beyonce dance routine with 5 million views so far.
She spent five months training with her choreographer and her friends for this dance. She knew she had to surprise her groom and guest with something amazing so she did, with a 7 minutes performance in high heels and bedazzled outfits
“If you ask my husband (Bryan), he’ll tell you one of his favorite things is to watch me perform. I knew for that moment I had to give him the performance of a lifetime,” Molinaro tells USA TODAY

Melissa Molinaro