Handmade Soap for Dirty Minds


Every year, gifts are a challenge but thank God for creative people like Whiskey River Soap Co.. Everything they do, and say it’s just too funny and I’m 100% sure that once you start looking at the products, instantly your mind will go to someone you know that would really describe his/her personality or just a moment in their life.

They have the funniest names and descriptions, like Dirty minds “Get your mind out of the gutter. It’s appalling that no matter what anyone says, you always go there. I’ll have you know that I am a high-minded intellectual who never stoops to the baser instincts of … hey! Get away from my browser history! I have no idea how all those porn sites”…

We all have a drama queen we know and this is for that friend of yours Soap for Queens because “I’ll tell you this right here, right now. If you don’t apologize to me right this second, I’m going to, like, set myself on fire!”


I am the middle child and yes, I want one because it’s true.”The only thing worse than being unnoticed is still being unnoticed when your hair is neon pink and you dress like you’re in the Matrix”.
And of course there is a soap for Stoners and it is a best seller, because “It’s 4:20 somewhere…. But for the rest of us, it’s still shockingly illegal to reek of a little ganja now and again. Why not put one over on your uniformed pals down at the station with a good lathering up of Soap for Stoners? In dank shades of”…

Took me more then 1 hour to go over all products, and read all the descriptions and make a list for my Christmas gifts. Check this catalog found on issuu with 24 pages, 56 new products and you will have a good laugh. Enjoy shopping!