How an Awesome Kid Should Deal with a Bully


This is how an awesome kid deals with bullies! It’s important to build self confidence in your children so they can stand up for them self. A lot of moms are familiar with Kristina Kuzmic YouTube channel and her “fun, strict parenting” but as you can see, her son is pretty awesome.
“We celebrate half birthdays. We celebrate everything. We celebrate nothing. I’ve been known to throw my kids “We’re proud of you!” parties, just for fun. Not after a great report card or a perfectly cleaned room. For no reason at all. (Or actually, for the most important reason: because they’re thoughtful, compassionate human beings.) I’ve taken them out of school for a day because riding roller coasters is more important on a random Tuesday in March. I don’t spank. Ever. Never have. Never will.

So are my kids brats? Hell no!
My children are not allowed to hurt each other, or anyone else, physically or emotionally. There are serious consequences for even the smallest insults. They don’t get away with crap. When I threaten something, I follow through. Even if it complicates my day, I follow through! They trust my word now. They know that when I say, “If you do this, such and such will happen,” then oh, such and such WILL happen, and they will hate such and such because I am really good at coming up with terrible such and suches.”
Just watch her son:

Kristina Kuzmic