Control Your Cravings with a Simple Exercise


If you do a Google search on “how to control your cravings” it will show you what is your body missing, but not how to control it. If you crave chocolate, it means you need magnesium, or if you crave bread, you need nitrogen and so on. But what it will make you not to buy and eat that fresh, warm bread when you pass by bakery?
Professor Carey Morewedge from Boston University made an experiment to prove that if you control your mind, then you can control that craving, so he gathered more than 200 chocolate enthusiasts to test what happens when we imagine eating these foods rather than actually eat them. When a group of volunteers was asked to imagine eating chocolate three times while another group had to imagine eating it 30 times, the latter group ate 40 percent less compared to the others. Medical Daily
So just by imagining that you are eating 30 times what you crave, then chances are you won’t eat much at all.

Brit Lab