Would You Go to China’s Most Famous Shaolin Wushu Festival?


Zhengzhou is the home of China’s most famous martial art – Shaolin Kung Fu. “All martial arts under heaven arose out of Shaolin.” Every year in October, they are organizing the International Kung Fu Festival and it’s becoming famous around the world.
To participate, each team can have one head of delegation, one team leader, 1-3 coaches and one doctor and the number of the athletes of each team is not limited. Age groups are under 12 to over 60. See here the rules: zhengzhou.gov People from over 60 countries and regions participate every year.

“Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival is a comprehensive festival comprizing Wushu, business and trade, tourism and culture exchange.
In this Festival, we will arrange a lot of activities including Wushu competition, Taolu Competitions, Wushu performances, Chinese Martial Arts Duan Wei Exam,Chinese martial arts training and exchange,grand evening party, Greeting ceremony in Dengfeng,sightseeing of Shaolin Temple, Zen Music ShaoLin Grand Ceremony, and other culture exchange activities. We are confident that Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival is a good platform for you to make friends, exchange martial arts skills and deeply understand Chinese culture.” says on their invitation.

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