January 1st ALDI Goes All Organic in the U.S.


Starting January 1st, the German company will be removing 8 pesticides from all products on its USA stores.
With new changes, Aldi might become one of the healthiest stores in town. Most of the sales are made by private-label products that doesn’t contain MSG or synthetic colors. The have a lot of Gluten free items at affordable prices, the milk does not contain artificial growth hormones and brands like SimplyNature who has no artificial ingredients. Healthy food and home remedies
Aldi sells fresh and organic meat and produce, free from antibiotics, hormones and hazardous additives. “We believe every shopper should have access to food they feel good about serving their family. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing high quality groceries at affordable prices – making healthy living simple for more than 32 million customers who shop our stores each month.” said ALDI Chief Executive Officer Jason Hart.

The pesticides being removed are:
* Thiamethoxam
* Chlorpyrifos
* Clothianidin
* Cypermethrin
* Deltamethrin
* Fipronil
* Imidacloprid
* Sulfoxaflor