Putin Developing Killer Octopus beneath Antarctica Organism 46-B


Putin Developing Killer Octopus beneath Antarctica as Secret Weapon for Russian Army?
This story look crazy!
A scientist is claiming that a 14 legged killer giant squid was found beneath the arctic ice. it can apparently hypnotise and paralyse humans at a distance of 150 feet using poisonous venom. And can also shape shift into the form a human driver!
Putin captured the Octopus and using it to develop secret weapons. Dr. Anton Padalka made these bold claims, saying he was part of a Russian scientific expedition that discovered he creature, known as Organism 46-B, the octopus, which was discovered in a fresh water lake trapped beneath two miles of ice, possessed an array of weapons
Dr. Anton Padalka said the squid was responsible for the deaths of at least two of his colleagues on the expedition. It tore the head off of one of his colleagues, after he was hypnotised by the monster, and even when the scientists severed one of it`s tentacles, it was still able to use it to strangle another of his colleagues.
After capturing the beast, it was confiscated by Russian officials who covered up the incident. They are apparently now trying to breed the squid for use as weapon!