Shocking Morning on Shinnecock Canal, Long Island


Shocking morning for residents of Hampton Bays, N.Y. on Monday morning. Thousand of dead fish clogging the Shinnecock Canal and some people thought that winter came in early when they saw the water was covered in ice but on a closer look, it was actually fish.
“Wow never seen anything like it!” Long Islander Eric Reilly commented.
“There was a big school of blue fish in the bay earlier on Sunday,” Stony Brook Southampton Marine Science Center manager Chris Paparo told CBS New York . “Blue fish eat bunker and they chase the bunker into the canal like this and the locks are closed, fish can’t escape, and when they get pushed in they deplete the oxygen.”

The Shinnecock Canal is a canal that cuts across the South Fork of Long Island at Hampton Bays, New York. At 4,700 feet long, it connects Great Peconic Bay and the north fork of Long Island with Shinnecock Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Although “the Hamptons” officially begins about 10 miles west at Westhampton, New York, the Shinnecock Canal in popular imagination marks the beginning of the Hamptons since traffic is funneled across two highway bridges (Sunrise Highway and Montauk Highway) or the Long Island Rail Road bridge.

CBS New York