Learning Slang Terms from Your Kids with Actress Lori Loughlin


Every generation has there own slang terminology and if you have teenagers in your house, you probably feel like they are speaking another language.
Actress Lori Loughlin was a guest on her daughter YouTube channel, for the second time, learning or more like, guessing what some of the words mean.
Lori is very close to her daughters and many times you can see them together and she said, most of her media pictures, captures are made by the girls, since they know it better. “I do run things by them before I post them. Or sometimes I’ll post something when I’m away on location and get an immediate text, ‘Why did you post that picture?’ They’re very funny.”

“I’d like to think I’m somewhat their friend, but more importantly, I am their mother and a guiding force. I am strict with my girls.” says the former Full House star on People magazine.
Lori’s younger daughter, is making herself famous on her beauty-based channel, Olivia Jade making her mom proud. “I’m really impressed — she does her lighting, editing, music, graphics and then she does the makeup and she hosts it. She treats it like it is her job and takes it very seriously.”

Olivia Jade